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Inventory & Distribution Management System | SME

  • Online, Supports distributed Supply chain network on business.

  • Provide Support to plug revenue leakages, production & material wastage or losses.

  • Industry Specific Invoicing/collection/Reconciliation processes.

  • No Additional hardware/Software, human resource required.

  • User Friendly & Innovative navigation to ensure higher Productivity.

  • Report & Analytical tools to assist in decision making.

  • 24X7 Support & hand Holding to ensure Successful Deployment.

Assets Management System

Barcode/RFID asset management software to assets life cycle from acquisition till scapping and it's features include.

  • Asset acquisition

  • Algorithm based barcoding

  • Assets audits / Inspections

  • RFID tagging

  • Asset transaction history

  • Warranty and AMC tracking

Attendance & Time Management System

Attendance Management System provides Dashboard to monitor employees attendance.

Integrated by state of art biometric/RFID devices.

  • Manage multiple locations.

  • Daily/Monthly attendance.

  • Monitor late reporting and on time performance.

  • Attendance analysis and reporting.

  • Budgeting of non payroll cost/payroll cost.

  • Time sheet approval workflow.

  • Time tracking against multiple projects.

  • Manage organization expenses.

Parking Management System

Parking Management System provides Barcode/ RFID enabled  to automate parking collections.It includes

  • Centralized system for all entry and exit gates

  • Entry Pass

  • Barcode/RFID enabled tracking

  • Rule based collection on exit

  • Collection Reports

  • Traffic Analysis

  • Parking Space Tracking

School Management System

School Management System provides benefits to all stakeholders in the school to help them build an efficient organization and create an environment for learning. The features includes

  • Fee Management

  • Manage transportation, library and hostel facilities.

  • Manage School timetables, attendance reports, report cards.

  • Expenses Management

  • SMS or Emails Alerts for events, absenteeism, fee dues, transportation etc.

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