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Strategic Partnership Services

Local Businesses or International Organizations require expertise to serve their organizations, InnovWayz delivers Talent Acquisition in technology services to suit local requirements for infrastructure, applications, engineering, testing and operations on hired basis.We also Provide facilities and other On boarding services for Talents to help organizations bring their talent from across the world. Also be their partners in day to day operations and help them achieve their projects.

A customized service for institutions who require specific skills and deep professional experience to complement or enhance their established Innovative teams.

The solution to your localization needs
Ideal for institutions with global, multi-asset class portfolios and complex Business programs where full outsourcing is impractical, but where expertise in Innovation and digitalization or IT portfolio design and management is needed.

Deep experience and specialized expertise
With a working expertise, InnovWayz professionals have substantial experience in designing and managing global IT portfolios via direct asset management.

Integrated with your team

InnovWayz Strategic Partnership is designed to integrate with your management team’s structure. Our highly customized, hands-on approach generally leads to a strong on-site presence.

IT Solutions Services

Our Technology Services design, develop and implement a wide range of technology projects that involve complex systems integration and IT application development. Our Outsourcing Services manage, wholly or partially, over several years, IT systems for applications and infrastructures of a client (or a group of clients), and their associated business processes such as Business Process Outsourcing. Our Services includes

- Software and Website Development

- Mobile App Development

- Network and Cabling Infrastructure 

- Desktop Services

- Security Systems and CCTV Camera Installations

- Access Control Services

- Network & Telephone Installation

- Network & Telecom


Talent Acquisition

As we help our clients to build high performance work forces, we believe that our workforce should receive the most of our attention and investment when it comes to motivation and engagement.A company is only as good as its people and that is why, we continuously dedicate our efforts to build our workforce capabilities and create an environment where every employee has the opportunity to develop their expertise and hone their creativity to the next level. We are also keen on creating a passion for work by giving our employees the care they need in order to bring that out.


We Pick which is best for you


One of the biggest changes of recent years has come from the growth of groups of people using online technologies to use outsourcing as a way to build a viable service delivery business that can be run from virtually anywhere in the world. The preferential contract rates that can be obtained by temporarily employing experts in specific areas to deliver elements of a project purely online means that there is a growing number of small businesses that operate entirely online using offshore outsourced contractors to deliver the work before repackaging it to deliver to the client. One common area where this business model thrives is in provided website creating, analysis and marketing services. All elements can be done remotely and delivered digitally.


Apart from services outsourcing we outsource Programmers, Analysts, and Support Engineers.


Out-sourcing is of 3 Types:


Direct: This is applied when InnovWayz receives a requirement from the client with identified position, budget, job description and contract duration. InnovWayz will respond to the requirements with qualified candidates matching the requirements and on acceptance InnovWayz will invoice the client on monthly basis (negotiable condition), based on a time-sheet signed and sealed by the client.


Managed: this is applied when the client requests a position to be filled by a candidate already identified and accepted by the client. InnovWayz will do the needful to complete the hiring process.


Payroll: this is applied when the client decides to move some candidates from its HR records to be under InnovWayz sponsorship and payroll.

Enterprise Business Integration

Our Enterprise application integration Services help you develop an integration framework composed of a collection of technologies and services which form a middleware or "middleware framework" to enable integration of systems and applications across your enterprise.

We integrate many types of business software such as supply chain management applications, ERP systems, CRM applications for managing customers, business intelligence applications, payroll and human resources systems which typically cannot communicate with one another in order to share data or business rules, This lack of communication leads to inefficiencies, wherein identical data are stored in multiple locations, or straightforward processes are unable to be automated.

Our Enterprise application integration services helps you in linking such applications within a single organization together in order to simplify and automate business processes to the greatest extent possible, while at the same time avoiding having to make sweeping changes to the existing applications or data structures. Applications can be linked either at the back-end via APIs or (seldomly) the front-end (GUI)


Our EAI Services are available in below technologies

  1. .Net Middleware

  2. Java Bridges

  3. TIBCO

Digitalization Services

The world is going digital and our Digitalization Consultancy Services can help your organization be digital, Considering an example of appointments for a hospital the legacy systems have a phone number, a call Centre and an appointment management system at the backend, Digitalization to this is filling a appointment form by customers at your websites which is connected to your backend appointment systems thus saving the Human resource at call Centre and telephone bills. Your businesses may have several processes which can be easily digitalize and save costs on resources. So why not think digital and take a consultancy of services and invite innovation?

Application Development and Maintainance Services

Businesses are built on applications. In today’s business climate, application transformation is critical. We help in Building, integrating or modernizing your applications ensures the right outcomes at the right price, because whether they’re internal or customer facing, effective applications keep business running efficiently, effectively and affordably.


What We Offer?

Application Development and Maintenance Services

Content Management & Collaboration Services

Application Re-hosting

Application Re-architecture

Application Modernization Services

Strategic Modernization Road map

Enterprise Applications Services for SAP

Oracle Services

Microsoft Services

Data warehouse Development and Maintenance

Work flow Development

Applications Testing Services

Our Application testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test, By this we can also provide an objective, independent view of the Application to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of Application implementation and conclude if Application product is fit for use.

Our Testing Services Include the following types of testing:

Unit testing

System Integration testing

User Acceptance testing

Installation testing

Compatibility testing

Smoke and sanity testing

Regression testing

Alpha testing

Beta testing

Functional vs non-functional testing

Software performance testing

Load testing

Accessibility testing

Security testing

Business Process Management

Business process re-engineering is the analysis and design of workflows and processes within an organization. InnovWayz Re-engineering is the basis for many recent developments in management of many of its clients. InnovWayz was involved in many recent management information systems developments aim to integrate a wide number of business functions.We have experience in Enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, knowledge management systems, groupware and collaborative systems, Human Resource Management Systems and customer relationship management.If you think its the time to Change, InnovWayz Business process re-engineering experts are ready to serve you in business process redesign, business transformation, or business process change management.

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